First FRFF Blog Entry July 12, 2014

This blog has been a long time coming. It just seems there are always way too many things to do and not enough time to do them all, so it was put to the end of the list again and again. Now that I’ve learned how to do it, and now that we have a redesigned website, thank you YET AGAIN webguru Steve Spencer, that makes it possible to do easily, I do hope to be a regular communicator of all things FRFF here. And to keep up faithfully with news that is best on a blog, maybe not so much a website or FB page. Feel free to bug me mercilessly if I don’t stick to it,  most of you know how to do that at my trusty old AOL Email addy that I have had for so long. FalcRidgeATaolDOTCOM would be the phonetic equivalent that I hope cannot be BOT swallowed.

It’s getting closer to FRFF 2014, our 26th year, and an exciting one with some artists we have not seen in a while, some a long while like Tom Paxton and Christine Lavin, some a short while like John Gorka and Cheryl Wheeler, some a middling while like The Horse Flies, Kim & Reggie Harris and Magpie & some reinvented into a new configuration like Aoife O’Donovan and Pete’s Posse. And some totally NEW TO FRFF like The Duhks, Ann Armstrong & Steve Hughes and Krewe de la Rue. Of special note this year, coming from Nashville, Louise Mosrie, who could not make her 2012 MOST WANTED SONG SWAP appearance with us due to a family emergency.

BUT in true FRFF community fashion, her fellow 2012 MWSSers, Pesky J.Nixon, ilyAIMY and Blair Bodine, performed some of Louise’s award- winning songs in her stead. It’s just the kind of  giving thing that happens at FRFF all the time, some in very small ways we never see, neighbors helping neighbors in the campgrounds and the like. This was an especially warm and thoughtful tribute to a fellow troubadour, each of the 3 artists giving up some of their own stage time to do this.  Most of you regular FRFFers, well, you know just how much a little extra stage time can mean. We are happy to have Louise here for our Friday afternoon spotlight set this year.

OK, so I have come to the end of  Blog Number One. Back to the SALT MINES of finishing tee shirt orders, a last few bios for the program book, lodging list STILL TO BE DONE, still some contracts not yet done either, my bad on that. And of course, THE COMPLETE 4 STAGE SCHEDULE which is coming in a few days to a Falcon Ridge website near you.

Thanks for listening, Anne