Lodging and Camping

On-site festival camping at Dodds Farm is available with a three-day camping ticket only. Campground activities such as song swaps and round robins hosted by many camping patrons abound.

Separate listings for offsite camping and offsite lodging are also available. This page is for onsite camping.

Important – please read our pet policy.

Onsite camping at the festival is located in five general areas all clustered above and to the left of the Main Stage area. The Lower and Upper pasture fields are directly above the amphitheatre. The Lower Flat just below and to left of amphitheatre is designated RV camping. Four additional fields, the ten acre field, the Upper and Lower Ledges and the fifteen acre field are also available for camping.


All are large, well-maintained fields that are part of the Dodds Farm year round. Space is plentiful and camping is on a first-come basis; no reservations required. Trailers and campers can be accommodated but no hookups are available.

Quieter Camping areas are available. The Campgrounds crew will be happy to assist you in finding a suitable spot.

All camping areas are a short walk (between five and fifteen minutes) to stages and midway. Cars are parked on the perimeter of the fields and in designated aisles so they are anywhere from right next to your tent to a few minutes away. Some of the parking areas allow campers to come and go but not all. Be sure and check with the Campgrounds crew.

A shower tent, several water tankers and conveniently located port-o-lets, an ice vendor and several food concessions are all available on-site as is 24-hour First Aid and security. Most campers bring some food, especially drinks and snacks, and buy the rest at our international food court that boasts an incredible array of wonderful food.

There are ten individual showers presently so the lines can be long. You can of course bring your own solar shower bag available from any camping goods store. Many campers do so or they bring a basin for washups. Some go for a swim at one of the nearby state parks and many brave the shower lines. You will need to bring water containers with you. Take these to the nearest tanker to bring water back to your campsite. We recommend you bring some containers already full and refill as needed.

Tent space is flexible. As long as you are not cordoning off acres of space for private frisbee fields or saving large spaces for campers who have not yet arrived you can usually take as much space as you need to make the camp you planned. There are no rules on exact dimensions per campsite. Just be considerate and use common sense. Ask the campgrounds crew if you are not sure.

You will need some camping gear; a sleeping bag, a ground cover which can simply be a plastic dropcloth, a tent, the small domes are great for one or two people and easy to put up plus some warm and some cool clothing. This is the southern end of the Berkshires where days can be warm to hot but it often becomes quite chilly once the sun goes down. Plan to do layers for best efficiency.

Don’t forget flashlights, bug and sun protection, sunglasses, hat, plus a blanket, mat or chair to sit on. If you forget these things, not to worry. We have an on-site general store and there are many places in town like Agway and the IGA. Your neighbors are very likely to share whatever they have with you, this is after all a true community. The campgrounds crew are always happy to help and the First Aid Tent located next to the Mainstage is supplied with sunblock, water and their famous electrolyte juice.

Earlybird camping opens Wednesday afternoon, usually by 2PM. Ticketholders with prepaid camping tickets enter first. You may buy tickets at the gate starting on Wednesday. Don’t forget, to enter the campgrounds at any time you must have a camping wrist band.

Most importantly, please remember that the festival site is a farm throughout the year so there are no open fires and absolutely no glass allowed. Fires will destroy the next crop of hay and glass is dangerous. A stove that is not directly on the ground is fine. Please, please, please do not leave anything behind when you leave.

Camping Rules

  • No ground fires – Standing BBQs, grills, camp stoves off the ground only.
  • No glass allowed. Glass is hazardous to farm equipment and animals.
  • Park across on hills – not facing down. Drive slowly and carefully. Stay on marked roads at all times.
  • Quieter camping in effect from 12:00midnight – 8:00am. Located in designated areas of campgrounds, watch for signs.
  • No playing or washing at water trucks. Bring water back to your campsite for washing.
  • Upper Pasture field campers – some daytime parking may be available below. Ask Campgrounds crew about this.
  • Please respect the farm’s neighboring properties – Do Not Trespass.
  • Many areas are slippery when wet. Use caution! Avoid unnecessary driving on wet road. Watch for Campgrounds Crew directing traffic.
  • Please wear footwear at all times.
  • Secure tents and tarps. Windy conditions can arise.
  • Please leave the farm as you found it. Use trash containers and recycle bins.

Thank you very much for your kindness to the environment and to your fellow campers here at our three day community.